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Need a Beer

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Neice is having a graduation party tommorrow and there will be adult beverages involved. I will be 18 days post robotic partial nephrectomy for a 4 cm tumor.  Other than some minor left flank pain, recovery is going well and I'm no longer taking pain meds. Any issue having a beer or 2? Post surgery instructions don't say anything about it. 

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I am a little ahead of you from surgery...on discharge I asked about beer when off pain meds...he laughed and said 1 or 2 is doable,your not 17 anymore! At 6 week check up I asked again about alcohol and he says moderate amount is not problem. Wife almost died cause my son and friends homebrew and I am self appointed Brand Ambassador...you earned some joy..have a good time

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Tesla1,  Thise are my thoughts.




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Just don't get ripped, you'll be fine. Even with one kidney my husband was told 2 beers is fine. Fun fact: heavy drinkers have low incidence of kidney cancer. No one knows why though. . . 

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we asked the same thing pre surgery because we (my wife and I) have been known to have a few "cold pops" here and there. The dr's response was "when we are done.....you'll be like anyone else"

Now.....hers was a partial where only 10% of her kidney was removed. But..... all things in moderation has been our motto since.

I'm cooking about 120lbs of crawfish on Sunday for a friends b-day party. We may have Moderation + 1........but hey, who's counting?



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I recall someone asked an urologist and his answer was "that is a question to your doctor who takes care of your liver...not me"...

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Just make sure that they are a good brand.

If beer's going to be a rare treat, don't waste the treat on bland brews.

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We have some amazing micro breweries in the DFW area and I've tried many of their offerings. One of my favorites is Blood and Honey from Revolver Brewery in Granbury TX. That might just be the one to break my involuntary beer fast. It definitely will not be an IPA. How does anyone develop a taste for those?! Nasty!

Stay thirsty my friends. 

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That is a fabulous beer.

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Your kidneys also process/metabolize your meds and its healing. So go easy on your kidney (and liver) for awhile. 


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I gave up drinking when I gave up my kidney. Not saying that you should/shouldn't.

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I only lost 5% of my kidney so I will continue to have some tasty brews.  If I only had one kidney I would definitely cut way back or abstain entirely. I did have one Blood and Honey on Saturday and it  exceeded my expectations after a beer fast. 

Jan, your post was helpful in holding me to only one beer. Thanks.

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Mighty Frog
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You are making me SO tempting......(hahahaha)......

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