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Cystoscopy Question

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Hello.....my husband is scheduled to have cystoscopy next week with his urologic oncologist.  At that time, we will also discuss how to proceed with the 2 cm kidney tumor that was an incidental finding.  Since this was discovered around two weeks ago, he noticed a small amount of blood in his urine (only once).  Is this test something they normally do prior to surgery?  Do they normally check out the bladder too?

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Dream on Deb.


This is a routine test to rule out bladder  Cancer. Urine in the Blood indicates a possability of Kidney Cancer which you already new so NBD (No Big Deal). Many of us have peed red  as our initial finding so a small bit of blood in the urine is NBD.



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Thank you, Icemantoo!  My nerves are getting the best of me again!

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Ask the doc if they could do the cystoscopy while he's under anesthesia for the surgery. Mine was done at the same time as my partial neph and at least I wasn't awake for it. 

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Hi, Deb.  Don't be surprised if your doctor suggests a wait and watch approach to the tumor.  RCC grows rather slowly, so you could go with this approach.  I, on the other hand would opt for surgery to get it out.  With an 80% chance that it is cancer, I'd want the stinker out!

Good luck!


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Stub, that's how we feel.  The wait and watch approach would be torture for us!  That's all we'd be able to think about!  We'd be constantly worrying if it was growing.  What's strange, though, is that my husband does have some pain in his back, even with this tumor being so small.  

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