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Rt. Flank bulge / Hernia (?) following robotic nephrectomy

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My surgeon seemed surprised that I had the 15cm by 6 cm rt. flank bulge AFTER SURGERY.  They opened me up for removal after not being able to get it out through laproscope.  He originally said "the swelling would go down"...  It hasn't and the hernia specialist said the muscle nerves have been cut... and a screen wouldn't hold.     Has anyone ever seen a reduction in their bulge....  and do sit ups help?  It seems to be getting larger.  I'm trying to loose weight...  Hopefully it helps...   I'm 71 and was so looking forward to speedos this summer!!!!  

Seriously... any reduction in anatomical projection by a kidney removal surgery survivor????

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Welcome to the club. Not sure how long ago your surgery was. The buldge is one of those free perks of a neph. Ninety percent of the bulge should fade away afer a year. The rest you can call a love handle. I was nephed almost 15 years ago.



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i have a big hernia because I popped back open at my surgery site. Neither of my docs would even talk about it because of all the lawsuits with the mesh. They asked if it hurt, I told them not really. They said then they will be leaving it alone.

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I have a hernia in the area where my kidney was, so I too have a definite bulge on that side. My surgery was this past January. My pants fit kinda catty wompus. Does look strange.


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In addition to men's swim briefs, Speedo sells board shorts, vollyball swim shorts, running shorts, body suits, tee shirts, jackets, hoodies, parkas, swim caps, flip-flops, shoes, towels, goggles, masks, snorkel gear, fins, backpacks, totes, duffles, kickboards, and other assorted stuff. 

Personally, I'd go for a swim cap, goggles, flip-flops, and an extra-long parka over whatever basic swimsuit I chose to wear. In addition to covering up any post-surgery or post-pizza bulges, even my own family and friends wouldn't recognize me.

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in addition to the UGLY buldge since 2013.  While in surgery they kindly cut my nerve which has left me in pain.  Nothing I've done has decreased the football look.  Anyone have any luck?!?!?!? 

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