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Basal cell carcinoma

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Has anyone had Basal cell carcinoma on there face?

I currently have it in 3 different areas and the only option is Mohs surgery which my insurance will not cover till i pay my high deductbile 

or i can take a pill called evridge i have been readfing online the side effects of the pill and i am not ready for them. 

i am curious if anyone has taken the pill evridge and if so for how long and what were the side effects and long term effect.

Also has anyone treated facial basal cell without surgery?

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Yes, I sure have had it on my face. I was not given a medication option, but the Mohs is *highly* successful as treatment (upwards of 97+ percent of basal cell carcinomas removed via Mohs do not recur at that site.) I made a video about my skin cancer (it includes addressing our skin as we age, but my story is all there, including my experience with Mohs, if you'd like to check it out. You'll be able to see how intact my skin is, post-Mohs) I hope you are able to choose the best treatment for your situation. Blessings!  

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