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Has anyone with advanced prostate cancer had the Provenge treatment, and if so, what were the results? I had my prostate removed in March 2016 after finding 11 of 12 biopsy hits cancerous. My PSA was 17. Gleason score was an 8. Cancer was found in one lymph node. I had no radiation and was placed on Lupron injections. My PSA stayed at 0.02 for 6 months and then increased to 0.04 in February. Cat scans were negative but bone scan showed a spot on my left hip. Biopsy confirmed it was prostate cancer. Doctor said he had never seen prostate cancer metastasize at this low PSA level. PSA reult for May was 0.16. It appears the Lupron stopped working for me within a year. I have started the Provenge treatment and finished part 1 and have 2 more treatments to go. Any thoughts????

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Here is an article on Provenge. I don't recall it being mentioned here before, but I don't read every post.  I hope someone can/will share.



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I finished round 2 of my Provenge treatments today. One more round to go in two weeks. I would love to hear from someone who has been through these treatments and the results obtained. Thanks... 

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My father will be starting Provenge and the blood collection facility isn't far, but the place where he'll be getting the infusion is about an hour away.  I'll be going with him to these appointments, but because I'm not comfortable driving on the expressway, I was wondering if he'd be able to drive after the infusions?  Thank you! 

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I have had 2 PROVENGE treatments so far (2 of the leukopheresis blood draws, and 2 infusions of my blood mixed with the drug several days later) and while I had severe chills during the second infusion last week, I was able to drive home all 4 sessions....feeling a bit tired but able to drive safely.....Ron in CT

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