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Help me understand biopsy report and what should I do next?

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Hi Friends-

I am a 26 yrs old female.  I had a gross hematuria  (sometimes blood clots) 1 month ago. I ultrasound and subsequent ct scan I was diognised with possible renal carcinoma. Had a radical left nephrectomy 10 days ago. My biopsy reports details below:

Gross description:

Kidney with perinephric fat – 14X9X6 cm ; Kidney – 12X6X6 cm; Ureter – 16 cm;

Tumour site: Lower pole

Tumour size : 6.5x6.5x5 cm;  Tumour focality – unifocal; Appearance-  Homogenous;

Consistency – Soft; Colour – Yellowish/tan

Necrosis – Absent; Capsule – Intact;

Tumour extent – Limited to Kidney

Renel vessels – unremarkable

Vessel resection margin – Negative

Ureter- unremarkable

Ureter margin – negative

Microscopic Description:

Renal tissue with relatively circumscribed tumour composed predominatntly of long tubules lined by low columnar cells with moderate amount of eosinophilic cytoplasm, mild nuclear atypia and small nucleoli. Few mitosis/apoptosis seen. No Papillae or spindle cells.


Low grade epithelial neoplasm with predominantly tubules, left radical nephrectomy.

Renal cell carcinoma with tubular pattern (Papillary renal cell carcinoma ) is favoured over metanephric adenoma.


Doctor as advised to have followup after 3 months for Ultrasound, urine tests, blood tests, x ray.



How much dangerous is it? How many years do I have L? 

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As a layman you had a small to medium tumorwith nothing in the report which jumps out as life threatining. In fact other than being positive for Cancer it appears fairly benign. Talk to you dotor about follow up. For the first couple of years they may want to follow up with CT scans rather than US to nip anything unexpected in the bud. Many on this board have had larger tumors with no recurrance.



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Hi.....I am not a doctor, but this sounds like a good report to me.

Your tumor was limited to the kidney, which is a very good thing.  It has not spread beyond that.

Necrosis being absent is good.

The word "unremarkable" basically means that it is good/normal.

The word "negative" is also good.

The diagnosis of it being "low grade" is also good.

I believe, overall, that this is a good report.  After someone is diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, it is normal to follow up with scans, etc.  They want to make sure you remain cancer free.  You were not given a death sentence.  The cancer is now gone.  You have a great chance of living a very long life.  If this were to ever reoccur in the future, the scans that you have would catch it early at a time when it is treatable.

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Hi Praticha,

Mine was a clear cell rcc in my right kidney, which was removed. The tumour was about 4cm and was stage 1 grade 2. My path report is very similar to yours.

I am not expecting any recurrance, ever. I know it is possible, of course. I guarantee that I'll be very careful with my health from now on.

26 seems quite young to get rcc. I am 54. How are you feeling after the op?


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Thank you dears.. I am really scared ..I have a 2 month old baby..I just got diagnosed after 3 weeks of my delivery..is there any chance my baby is affected by this?

Also I have alpha thalassemia (intermediate types with 3 alpha gene deletion ..also called HbH disease)..and my normal HB is around 8-9. Do I have a higher risk of recurrence?

Steve, I am recovering well after operation..pain has reduced significantly..only suggestion by doctor is lower salt in diet! No weight lifting for few months.

Again thanks to you all for replies!! 

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I have one more question..do I need to do some test which ensures there are no similar issues in my body? My doctor has not suggested any test just the followups after 3 months.

Would be great if you could suggest regarding it..

Once again..thanks so much!

Regards, P

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Hi Prachita:

My youngest daughter has alpha thalassemia as well and from what I know of both it and RCC I can't see any relationship.  That of course is a layman's opinion only.

I wouldn't worry about that possible connection.

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