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Rash started getting better, now might be getting worse before second treatment...

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Hoping someone has some experience with this and can help answer my question.  My wife was recently diagnosed with ALCL ALK-Positive (anaplastic large cell lymphoma).  She started her chemotherapy treatements recently, her first being on May 8th, and scheduled to run every three weeks for six times. Her next treatment is Tuesday, May 30th.

She had a really bad cancerous rash on her leg/waist area, which after the first treatment started clearing up very well!  However, now that we're getting closer to the second treatment, it looks like it stopped clearing up and might be getting worse again. Is that normal?  I don't really know a lot about how the treatments work, but I'm wondering if perhaps the effects of the chemo are wearing off, and now the cancer is getting worse again.

We've reached out to the doctors, and are waiting to hear back - but of course the waiting is excrusiating. Curious if anyone on here has some experience and can provide insight.  Appreciate any help!

Thank you

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I am unfamiliar with that strain of Lymphoma, and havn't looked it up.  I assume it is cutaneous: occurs in the skin.

Resurgance of discernable cancer activity between infusions is hardly ever heard of, but skin cancers may be different.

The following site lists every FDA Approved chemo drug, and all known side-effects for each.  It might help a bit.  I recall reading years ago that a chemo drug I took as an IV, Bleomycin, is also applied topically (a cream) for some skin cancers. You might want to ask about Bleomycin, if she is not alread using it.




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Hi Max,

Thank you for the reply. We were able to sneak in and see the doc today. He assured us everything was ok and what was happening was totally normal.  We should see additional improvements after the next treatment. 




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ALCL is a rare T-Cell Lymphoma. Even though the ALK+ sub-type has a good prognosis with the old-school chemo regimen of CHOP, I still strongly suggest a consultation with a T-Cell Lymphoma specialist. They are few and far between, but a second opinion with such a specialist saved my life. Where are you located, and where is she being treated? 

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