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Everything tastes like nothing

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Been on Cabo for like 3 weeks and my taste buds are non existent!  I'm very nauseous, going to get something for that in a couple of days.  Ive lost 10 lbs probably because I rarely have an appetite.  I even have been buying my favorite foods and still the are tasteless.  This is absolutely horrible, I eat just because my family keep on me about it.  Anyone have the taste bud issue.

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but my taste is very good. My appetite stinks. You never know. Votrient gave me near complete loss of taste.

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I've not been on Cabo. I saw the title of your thread and immediately thought "Votrient".

I had "altered" flavor/taste sensations on votrient; somewhat muted but mostly things just tasted "different". And not in a good way. It was hard to enjoy the food.

Ended up finding five or six foods or flavor combinations that I could enjoy somewhat. The experimentation can be fun.

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