Undiagnosed and nervous

Im looking for some outside opinions on what I'm dealing with. I feel like something is not right, I know my body. In October (about 7 months ago) I started seeing a new primary because I just didn't feel good. I lost about 15lbs pretty rapidly, no appetite, and I was so tired I could barely function. She ran some blood work and said it was all normal and that I'm depressed. Which I disagree with. I followed up a couple times and though she was nice, I feel like she never took me serious. I've had swollen lymph nodes in random areas for months but they seemed to go down so I didn't think much of it. Then in early April I suddenly had swollen lymph nodes in multiple areas of my neck, one under my left arm, and all down both sides of my groin. More blood work showed low hormone levels in my thyroid but then a week and a half later the levels were normal but showed low blood sugar.  Then a chest X-ray came back normal. So I'm confused. Anyway, I went back to my doctor to show her my lymph nodes and she basically told me im a hypochondriac. So I switched doctors. i saw my new primary a couple weeks ago and she referred me to a surgeon and ordered a ultra sound of my groin and neck. The surgeon said the nodes are small so wait about a month to see if they go down, if not he'll do a biopsy. My ultrasound is next week. Since I saw the surgeon a week ago more lymph nodes have popped up above my collar bones. On top of all that I feel full all the time, nauseous, and words cannot describe my level of exhaustion. I have a hard time staying awake within 2 hours of waking up. Should I cancel the ultrasound and call the surgeon back? I'm so worried it's consuming my mind daily. 


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    Take it easy

    go with the flow. Once, long ago, I had similar experiences with lymph nodes and fatigue, and I was just a teenager. Family thought I was dying or something. Finally got diagnosed with toxoplasmosis, probably contracted from a rabbit (my family raised and sold rabbits). Don't expect the worst and think you have a serious cancer. It could be a simple parasite, an abcessed tooth or any number of things known to cause swollen glands. Stay after the Drs. till you get an answer but try not to obsess. Good luck.

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    Go on seeing the doctors

    Hi Alice,

    Most probably it is nothing too serious, but go on seeing the doctors until they find out what it is.

    Good luck!



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    Life continues

    You do not have cancer until a pathology report says you have cancer. It does not matter what doctor thinks. It does not matter what Google says. It does not matter what you fear the most. Truth is what matters and the pathology report will determine the next step. You may very well have one of numerous autoimmune diseases, or an unknown viral, bacterial or fungal infection. Low grade can cause nodes to react and still be hard to detect via blood testing. More seriously, it is possible that you have lymphoma. Take note that all of us here are alive. Some of us have had terrible lymphomas and years of treatment and we are still here. We can even laugh about it now. So, relax and allow yourself to enjoy your daily life.