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Body Ache experiment

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I was wondering if anyone is currently experiencing body aches from Neupagen or Neulasta and would drink iced tea & see if it lessens or stops the aches?

I recently received high doses of Neupagen for stem cell collection. I received two shots every day for 7 days. I was warned that I would have painful body aches from it, I didn't get them until day 6.

That evening my family had game night, I joined in hoping to take my mind off the aches. My daughter brought me an iced sweet tea that I drank while playing. I started to feel better and by the end of the night the body aches were gone....and so was the tea.

I started thinking back over the week and realized I had consumed an iced tea every day except for day 5, coincidence??

While my stem cells were being collected I was given 3 high dose shots of Neupagen and was told I "will feel like crap". I drank iced tea that evening & was joking about when am I going to start feeling like crap?! I never did.

I also take a Claritin pill every day I'm getting the shots & for a few days after.

I'm curious to know if the iced tea will prevent/stop body aches for others or if it's just my own weird body reaction?

If anyone finds that this works (or doesn't) please let me know?

Hope it does!!!


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i took Claritan after the neupogen/neulasta shots and they did help.  If I had read your post during that time, I certainly would have had a few glasses of Iced Tea Each day!  If it works for you I say continue!  Not to mention it's a nice refreshing summer drink! 


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Sandy Ray
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Well I am on Neulasta but I have only had some annoying muscle aches no crazy pain like I have read on some post. But if I even get the aches again I will be your guinea pig. Hey I am taking a lot of things worse than iced tea. It is worth a shot even if does not work. On the upside maybe some of the aches and pains would be gone.

Thanks for the idea. Not sure I am holding out a lot of hope but stranger things have happened.

Wish you the best in your journey.

Sandy Ray

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I just took Tylenol for bone pain after first Neupogen shot. After that I did not experience any pain anymore. And I don't like Iced Tea :) so I cannot prove you right.

Good luck to you!


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