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Hair Regrowth

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Hey guys,

I had a bone marrow transplant last year and my hair is taking a long time to grow back.

The doctors say that most peoples come back thinner, another colour and really curly.

Before my hair loss I had very thick, long wavy hair.

It has since grown back a bit darker and straight. The top part of the hair still has missing gaps, I have seen an improvement but I was just wondering if there is anyone similar to me? And if there is anything I can do to help growth...

I have since shaved it twice to help improve growth. Not sure if it does though.


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Hi Mellys

First time posting, just joined. My hair is coming back in very straight and a little thicker each month. I'm 46 and my hair was also coming in gray. Didn't like that, so I dyed it. lol Our hair naturally grows a quarter of an inch per month.  I used to have curly/frizzy hair and would straighten it. I haven't tried any products as of yet. I know a lot of people will use the hair, nails and skin capsules. And of course, there are some products out there that garauntee hair growth. Which I'm skeptical to buy. I know for my eyebrows I use Rapid Brow. It sells on Amazon and it does work. I also have an autoimmune disorder called, Sjogren's. Anyone with autoimmune issues will find it hard to keep their eyebrows or have thinning hair sometimes. I couldn't finish my last chemo and I've been in remission since my 7+3. My platelets are slowly coming back up. They were 91,000 just the other day. Plaelets were the reason I couldn't finish my last chemo. Had an infection and they didn't come back up in time. I know in a few other groups, the women say after having a transplant, it does take a bit longer for hair to grow back compared to others who haven't had one. I don't know why that is though.  Here is a link for hair growth after chemo. http://www.fairyhairs.com/10-tips-to-stimulate-hair-growth-after-chemo/

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Hi Wreck_Tangle, 

Thank you for your response. I will definitely give the hair, skin and nails capsules a go because they are a natural vitamins. I know that there are a lot of different shampoos and treatments out there in the market but I too am a bit hesitant to use them as I don't know the risks associated with them. I've had no issues with my eyebrows, just my hair :( I know that it definitely is more difficult to grow hair back after a bone marrow transplant because of the high levels of intense chemotherapy used for a process called conditioning, which is the process of getting rid of the person's existing bone marrow and making room for the new marrow. I will have a look at that group, so I can hopefully find out more. I wish all the best with your health. 

Many Thanks, 



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Monat Hair testimonies

Look that up and join the group.

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Hi Melly, I had my bon marrow transplant in February of 2014 at the age of 32, it took me nearly 2 years to completely regrow my hair but I was very sickly  for most of it. My hair initially began growing in mixed with white and gray but now has gone completely back to my original hair color. It also grew back curly, a bit thinner and very rough/damaged looking. I found using castor oil treatments on my hair brought back the health it has pre-cancer and seems to possibly have contributed to its growth this last year.  Thanks and good luck.

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my name is holla i am 37 years old, i was diagnosed w all leukemia when i was 17 and went throgh two years of extreme chemotherapy and radiation to my brain. as far as hair loss, my hair never grew in the same thickness as before my cancer. and just over the past year or two i can tell its getting way more thinner, unfortunately this is not a natural hairloss so no treatments that i know of can l work, this is something that has taken its toll on me. being a woman and having almost no hair is harder than anyone could ever imagine, and has worn down my self esteem to say the least. i think that by the time im forty something i might just have to shave my head and wear wigs but that would be really hard for me to accept. if anyone has advise from experience about alternative solutions id love to hear it


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I’m so sorry to hear this. I hope your hair will slowly go back to its original texture. Maybe you could try natural remedies and ingredients such as turmeric, honey, ginger, olive oil, and coconut oil. You could do different treatments each week, like a scalp detox, deep hydration and revitalizing. A while ago I also had trouble with growing my hair, it naturally has a very thin texture. But that might also be because I use a lot of heat on it, and my styling tools weren’t that professional. So, I decided to invest in in a good product and researched the best ghd flat irons. I ended up buying one and so far, really love it.






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Mellys, my name is Bruce I am at just over 4 years now, while I am a man my hair grew back about eight months later have a full head of hair now but still not the same thinner. One good thing my hair was snow white before my Leukemia now it is very dark but starting to get somewhat lighter now again but still not white as before.

Hang in there and God Bless

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