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Superficial Spreading Melanoma 10 years ago~now small nodule on lung

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I'm freaking out!!  Please ease my mind!!  Chest X-rays every year for the past 9 years and now last week, an abnormal result!  A small nodule was found on my left upper lung and I'm going for a CT scan tomorrow!  Could this be related?  The superficial spreading melanoma was very small 0.4mm and all excised with surgery!  Have been going every 3 months to a dermatologist and had many moles removed.  No others have been melanoma...I have just an occasional cough but no other serious symtoms!  My nerves are tore up that I begged for anti anxiety meds to get through the next few days...and I'm driving my husband crazy!

If anyone has any input I'd appreciate it!


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Good morning I have stage 3 b I had my last interferon treatment in march I went for a ct scan the found a nodule on my lower left lung I go for a pet scan Fri then to a lung specalist parden my spelling the waiting is always the worst part I am receiving treatments in rochester ny how did you make out with your node


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