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My mother Primary Peritoneal Cancer(PPC)-Recurrence

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Hello All-

I hope the best for all of you. My mother is 74 years old, was diagnosed with PPC in June 2016. She was put on combination Chemo of PACLATAXEL/CARBOPLATIN, she took 4 cycles, then followed by a surgery to remove the ovaries completely, CA-125 was vlow and we were very hopeful..then followed by 3 cycles of the same drugs.

She stopped for a month, but we found that CA-125 went back up to 39(normal is less than 35), the doctor put her on another drug (Doxil) once a month, and now after she took the second dose ,CT scan shows progression of the disease, and some fluid accumulation,CA-125 now at 300...I am very concerned for my mother and have contacted Dana-Farber  and will probably contact Massuchetts General Hospital for second opinion on what to use next for chemo...I ahve faith, but I want to do every thing possible for my mom...Does anyone have similar experience that can be helpful? what drugs can be effective that you may have experienced ?

Love you all :)


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Your mother is blessed to have an caring inquiring son.  This journey is not for whimps.  I have just finished 10 monthly treatments of Doxil after Carboplatin/Taxol and then Gemtitobine did not bring my CA 125 down to a normal.  Doxil has kept my tumor marker fairly stable, although up and down between 140 and 160.  My ocologist was encouaging and advised me not to worry.  I am at the end of the recommended accumulated dosage and am now looking looking at other options.  The good part of all of this is that I have had few side effects from Doxil and have felt very well.  I have been traveling and have a good quality of life .  This  has been more important to me and my oncologist than the numbers.  My advice to you is to give doxil a chance,  Two doses can't have much effect yet.  I do agree in 2nd opinions so you are wise to proceed.  I did get a 2nd opinion also and was reassured in my treatment plan.  That said, everyone is different and cancer reacts differently with everyone.  I have found these discussion groups very helpful both with treatment knowledge and support. I hope you do.  I send you and your mother thoughts and prayers for a long and happy life.  We in this journey know that we will not be "cured" but do pray for a good quality of the life that we have left.  As dear Loretta on this forum has  so wonderfully said " We are learning to dance in the rain"

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I can see you haven't posted in a while,  just wondered how your mom is doing, if they found a good treatment for her?  Hopefully she is still with you.

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