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Just another update

Lou Ann M
Lou Ann M Member Posts: 996

Today was labs, Dr.s visit, and infusion day.  I had a Ct scan last Wednesday and after 10 radiation treatments to my neck and 18 to a tumor between my spine and Vena Cava artery, both of those rumors have shrunk and everything else is stable.  I will get to continue on Keytruda because it seems to still be working.  There is always hope.  We had to travel over a mountain pass in a blizzard for the CT scan.  It was worth it.

Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann


  • janaes
    janaes Member Posts: 799
    I am so glad for your results

    I am so glad for your results.  thanks for sharing


  • TeddyandBears_Mom
    TeddyandBears_Mom Member Posts: 1,801 **

    Lou Ann, WONDERFUL NEWS!  Please keep it coming!

    Have you gone on your trip yet?

    Love and Hugs,


  • Double Whammy
    Double Whammy Member Posts: 2,832
    edited May 2017 #4
    Great results/news

    Good to hear the positive news, LouAnn.  Keep it up.  Blizzard?  Really?  It's 101 here in the Sacramento Valley today.


  • ConnieSW
    ConnieSW Member Posts: 1,578 **

    Thank you for sharing your hopeful news. You put a big grin on my face. 

  • Editgrl
    Editgrl Member Posts: 903
    Good news!

    i always wait for your updates with great hope. I am so glad to hear this.

  • NoTimeForCancer
    NoTimeForCancer Member Posts: 2,928 **
    Lou Ann, our inspiration!  So

    Lou Ann, our inspiration!  So happy for the good news.

  • Kvdyson
    Kvdyson Member Posts: 789
    Wonderful news, Lou Ann!

    Wonderful news, Lou Ann! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Soup52
    Soup52 Member Posts: 905
    Always great to hear of your

    Always great to hear of your positive results. Fantastic!

  • daylady
    daylady Member Posts: 122
    So Great!

    A big "Atta Girl!  Yay!!!  Keep up the good work!

  • pgdaughter
    pgdaughter Member Posts: 22

    So happy for you Lou Ann! 

  • cheerful
    cheerful Member Posts: 261

    Hi Louann:  

      I am really happy for you.


    a/k/a Jane

  • Hma4
    Hma4 Member Posts: 38
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    Fantastic news

    Fantastic news! So happy for you

  • TAyers
    TAyers Member Posts: 86

    that is great news!

  • oldbeauty
    oldbeauty Member Posts: 319 **
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    Keep up the good work!!

    So happy to see this news that is so uplifting.  Best wishes, oldbeauty

  • Nellasing
    Nellasing Member Posts: 528
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    Yay Lou Ann!!!

    Going through a blizzard- yup- that sounds just like you Wink  SO happy to hear your news and that you get to stay on the keytruda.  Thank you for your update!!!  (((HUGS)))

  • henhill
    henhill Member Posts: 123

    Congratulations and continued blessings 


  • namedropper
    namedropper Member Posts: 102
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    Yeah  Great news.

    Yeah  Great news.