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Recent scan results

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Update on my son-in-law John (stage IV, grade 4, 60% sarcomatoid features, dx last summer).

After a week of SBRT last month on the tracheal/aorta tumor and probably six months so far on Opdivo he had another set of scans last week and met with the Onc on Friday.

We're happy to report that the chest tumor has shrunk by half (from 2.5cm to about 1.5cm) and the radiologist says the benefit from SBRT could continue to shrink it for some months.  Also, ALL OTHER tumor sites are GONE. Nothing!  Praise be!  So the Onc is continuing on Opdivo for now (EOW) but says "enjoy your summer" and 'don't worry about anything' until the next scan set at the end of July.

What a relief for now.


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Best news I've heard all day!! Keep em coming.

happy for you guys.

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Good news, thanks for sharing!

May you continue to have good results=less tumor=GONE!

Hugs, Jan

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Great news, very happy for your family.

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My husband is on Opdivo/Yervoy (3 infusions so far) and had five doses of SBRT on one lymph node.  You SIL's results give me hope!


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Wow, what a marvelous result! So happy for you and your family!

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Wonderful news! Love reading about good results.

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