Upper Left Lobectomy

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I actually had two surgeries, the first on April 7th which was supposed to just a wedge section from my left lung. Unfortunately because the tumor was so small 1.3 cm the surgeon missed the tumor. They tried a biopsy but couldn't get enough tissue to really determine the type of cancer. On April 15th I had my second surgery to remove the upper left lobe. I was in the hospital for 14 days. My cancer was very rare, non invasive Mucusom Cancer. I will have no further treatments just X-ray every 6 months.

 I feel that I should be so much further in my healing than I am, I guess this was a tougher surgery than I realized. I can't say I don't see improvement but I struggle with anything that requires lifting or pulling. I constantly feel like I have a belt that is too tight around my rib cage. Also the incision is in such a horrible area, just under my shoulder blade and just short of the middle of my back so sometimes finding comfortable positions to sit or sleep is nearly impossible.

 I would really like some input as to healing time. Maybe it's because I had 2 surgeries back to back that is slowing me down. I just don't know. As for breathing it's not bad, as long as I watch my anxieties and don't try to do too much. Thank you in advance.


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    Upper Left Lobectomy

    Talk to your surgeon, and see if maybe you need some physical therapy to help you get to your new normal. Listen to your body. If you need to rest, do it. But let your doctor know how you're doing, and see if maybe he/she has suggestions. Sorry, I wish I could be more helpful. 

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    i had a Lope removed from my left lung also,  lots of bleeding, and ICU for four days, then home I had to stay home a month, thought I'd lose my mind! It does take time for the energy to come back nine was done in March, went back to work in April and really didn't feel up to it. But I pushed myself a little at a time and kept doing that unless it made me feel worse. You have to really read your body. I wish you the best of luck to Swifter recovery!