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Good (for want of a better word) news

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So we went in to see the consultant and senior consultant post my MRI scan.

Got told it was "good news" in that there did not seem to be any mets as far as the scan could see and the overall scan looked good. I was told they did not see the need for a bone scan. I even had a good look at the MRI scan and stared down the ******* beast that infects it. Quite therapeutic knowing I saw it and that it will be cut out and burnt.

We talked options and I've agreed the default with them - Da Vinci surgery to remove the prostate and lymph nodes. Four hour surgery.

I didn't get copies of the biopsy but we went over in more detail and it seems 5 cores were positive all on the left which means they will aim for some nerve sparing.

The lymph removal was due to the fact that although the situation looked good, they fed my numbers into some risk assessment algorithm on a web page and I came out at 12% risk of lymph spread and the cutoff is 5% so we are nuking from orbit to be sure.

It was made clear that there are no guarantees about containment until the biopsy but they seemed happy offering at least ten year odds on remission / cure.

The fun bit now is getting ready for surgery. I am overweight and suffer from sleep apnoea and CHVS. Luckily I have a respiratory appointment booked up anyway so they have sent a letter to the lung specialist asking them to work in context of pending surgery. Given that I have an absolute phobia of being made unconscious and not waking up, I need to throw all my efforts into getting as fit as possible and covering the bases.

The senior consultant made heavy weather on the risks not just about the incontinence and ED but also fluid retention in the legs and numbness. I have no idea how much of an issue this will be but as I summarised - "you've explained the diagnosis and offered treatment. I need to get as fit as possible. Beyond that its all in the dice."

The other fun bit is losing a stone (ideally a stone and a half) in six weeks. Welcome to the grind!

Just need a hall pass for six weeks of coke and hookers to say goodbye to my old world now :):):):):)

Thanks to all you guys reassuring me that I wasn't facing a death sentence.



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I am glad of knowing on your decision. You have researched, got educated and now are ready for D-day. I hope you manage to be fit for the timing and that you have a smooth evenless treatment.

Best wishes.


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Cheers Vasco

The one thing I learned is knowledge is power. It got me asking the right questions (to the occasional bemusement of the consultants) but I tried hard not to alienate them by pushing hard.


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C, Glad to see that the debate is over and you're moving towards some positive action. Yes, rest, exercise, & focusing on your health is the most important thing right now. Even though my surgery left me with ED and severe incontinence, I still think it's the way to go - especially if there's a chance that you can kill it before it spreads. Once this is over, watch that PSA like a hawk. That's the canary in the coal mine and if it goes up at all - even if it's only 0.06 to 0.18 - that mean something that must be investigated. It sounds like you have some really good doctors & I wish you all the best.

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