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2nd Opinion for PTCL NOS

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My husband was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with PTCL NOS Stage 2a.  We feel we have a competent physician but want a 2nd opinion on biopsy and diagnosis.  Looking for what the best cancer centers specialize in T-cell lymphoma.   He has already done 1 CHOEP chemo treatment.  Is this still the beginning standard of care for PTCL NOS?  

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Sorry to hear this. There is no standard therapy for most of the T-Cell Lymphomas but CHOEP, either in 14-day or 21-day cycles is frequently given. Yet, T-Cell Lymphomas are so rare, so aggressive and so mysterious that a specialist is a must. If you are in the US, it would be an excellent idea to travel to the nearest National Cancer Institute designated cancer center for a second opinion on both pathology as well as treatment. Having a plan B and plan C at the ready can also be a life-saver, as these lymphomas may stop responding to treatment. A hematologist at Fred Hutchinson has created a foundation to assist T-Cell patients and caregivers, and the Lymphoma ResearchFoundation is a great source of information. There is also a fairly good sized T-Cell patient group at this online forum.

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