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If radiation doesn't work after localized PC will they know right away with first psa test

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Ok Still a little worried..  Even though they were predicting it is localized PSA 4.9 with two cores out of 12 being 3+4 @50% and 2 being 6 @5%.  No MRI ...Finished Radiation 2 weeks ago. Still get sharp pains in prostate area every so often like needle being stuck in me..  I know worry never fixed anything..  But my question is would they know that the radiation worked on the first PSA test..  I couldn't have hormone treatment due to my heart issues ( 7 stents) because of that radiation was my only option although they never discussed cyber knife with me.. Most likely my ticker will get me before the PC..  But I guess..  I am all done with side effects...  I had no symptoms before all this PC diagnosis..  Then after biopsy all hell broke lose with side effects..    

I guess what I am trying to say is I want to be all done with this.. 

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As I understand it, it takes some time to establish a baseline PSA following primary radiation therapy. Some cancer cells are still dying and some may remain, so there may be a detectable PSA for some number of weeks or months following the conclusion of RT, but at some point it stabilizes and if it deviates from that at some point in the future then other forms of follow up treatment will need to be pursued.

Old Salt
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Rob Lee is correct. ANd I emphasize that it may take many months for your PSA to 'stabilize'. Some 'noise' around the new normal can be expected as well. 

Hopefully though, your first PSA result will be lower than pre-treatment (4.9).



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The post RT PSA is 4.4  only went down by .5  Pre RT it was 4.9 is that good news or bad news? I got my results after I spoke to Dr. he hadn't gotten these results yet... I will call him tomorrow and see if this is good, bad or indiffrent....


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3 weeks after radiation my side effects left me on Saturday.. yep gone.. I love it .. back to normal..  No more pain, not tired  and all of my plumbing is working like it should... Thank God...  I am hoping this PCa never raises its evil head again..  I am a wooose when it comes to pain specaily in that area...  I don't think I would have done well with the RP. I am really happy that they couldn't do it due to my heart..  I was set on doing RP but my Cardiologist said no way.. 

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Congratulations on the first results (in terms of symptoms). The PSA may take two years to provide you a relief.

Enjoy the moment. Best


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