Waiting on followup and scared to death

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0n 4/2/17 I was at the ER for a kidney infection and a chest xray was ordered. I have been a smoker on and off for 19 years always having a clean chest xrays. The ER Doctor told me the radiologist had seen what may be a blood vessell issue but sent me home with nodule paperwork. My family is prone to cysts , lesion and tumors so of course im scared to death. There is a snippet from my xray report below..Mind you the severe and I do mean severe congestion I had in my chest was never mentioned on the repport at all. 2 days into the kindey infection antibiotics my chest got tight and all this congestion started coming up..Hard lumps, phlegm , etc..My bloodwork believe it or not is all normal. No WBC, RBC , Platlet issues period. Please look below and tell me how scared I should be. I have no symptoms except this cough that is going away and this pesky xray. No wieght loss, Normal blood work, Routine and severe bouts of bronchitis since I was a kid


There is no evidence of free intraperitoneal air.  Bowel gas pattern is 

unremarkable.  No suspicious calcifications overlie the abdomen.

There is a 12 mm nodular density overlying the right mid to lower lung 

zone.  Linear atelectasis versus scarring noted in the left lower lung.  

No pneumothorax or pleural effusion.  No focal parenchymal consolidation.


1.  Unremarkable bowel gas pattern.

2.  12 mm nodular density overlying the right lower lung.  This could 

represent a pulmonary vessel coursing in an anteroposterior direction, 

however underlying pulmonary nodule/lesion cannot be excluded.  Consider 

further assessment with low-dose unenhanced chest CT examination.


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    Waiting on followup and scared to death

    You are your own best advocate. Please follow up with your general practitioner as soon as possible. Ask questions about the report. Get a second opinion. Meditate, breathe, and pray. But advocate for your health! 

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    Just follow up
    Just follow up, as slzcaregiver said. And come back, and tell us the good news. Wish you the best.
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    You should definitely follow

    You should definitely follow up with CT scan.

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    and remember only a biopsy can confirm cancer

    not a ct scan

    or even a pet scan

    few are aware of this

    And nodules can be caused by many things like scarring from infections, arthritis or other reason of inflammation, Neoplasms—Neoplasms are abnormal growths that may be benign or malignant.