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Starting Yervoy after Keytruda for 8 Months. Need Advice.

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Good morning to everyone,

i was diagnosed w/stage 4 melanoma on 7/27/16. I was taking Keytruda for 8 months, doing excellent, until my last scan showed 2 new areas in my abdomen and the growth under my armpit starting to grow again. I am to start Yervoy on Tuesday and am really interested to know if anyone has been on it and how they have reacted to it. I never had any side effects from Keytruda other than maybe being a little tired just after the treatment. I am worried and a little stressed about this new treatment. The more I read, it states that it works better when taken with another drug such as Nivolumab. I'll be taking Yervoy by itself. Would really appreciate any feedback, good or bad. Hope everyone is doing ok on this journey we are going to fight together. 

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So far Yervoy (Ipilimumab) and Nivolumab have worked for me (mRCC) and I hope they work for you as well.  Four doses of Yervoy with Nivo first, then fortnightly Nivo thereafter. Minimal side effects and 2 years on I still lead a normal life.

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I, too, have received Yervoy and Nivolumab. Going on 2 years now. It has shrunk my tumors 80% with very minimal side effects.  

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My mother (73 at the time) took only yervoy in May 2011 when it was first approved by the fda.She had a melanoma tumor in her rectum.It was removed with surgery but it had metastasized to her liver and lungs.Stage 4. She did three treatments of yervoy and then had a reaction that affected her liver. She had a short hospital stay and everything was fine but we had only done three treatments. The doctors had decided not to do the fourth treatment. She continued to go for scans and the cancer kept disappearing until it was GONE.By the end of 2011 she was cancer free and still is Aug.2017. This stuff was a miracle for her! She had spots of cancer all over her liver and lungs and within months they were all gone.And she only did 3 treatments! I hope it works as well for all of you!!So thankful to still have my mom!

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I was also on Keytruda for 7 months, after a new tumor was discovered and removed I have been referred to Yervoy.

How is your experience with Yervoy so far? I had zero side effects with Keytruda.


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