Trying to carry on with life during treatment discussions

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Hi all

So my review is next week and that starts the process of decided what I do. I know I need to make a decision but I also need to balance family needs and the pressure they are under.

We have a holiday booked the last week of this month and we would like to have that as a possobly last "normal" holiday which will help give me thinking space. I also need to do things like get my will updated and sort out POA etc. Don't even ask about the concert we have booked next month :(

Am i likely to be required / pressured / have to make a decision / have treatment in a mega fast timescale or do people normally have time to make a decision / get things squared away?

This isn't denial - I simply want to try anf give my family as much normal life as possible and need to know the issues.



Edit: Oh yea, also nee to find a new job as between gigs at the moment. No pressure :|


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    There's No Need To Rush

    As I recall from your diagnosis, you're a Gleason 7 with no indication of metastisis beyond the prostate capsule.  If so, there's no need to rush.  You shouldn't procrastinate either but you can take the 2-3 months that I (and many other men took) to do the research and make the decision.   Don't let ANYONE pressure you to do otherwise UNLESS there's evidence that the cancer is more serious than initially diagnosed.

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    Cheers for that.

    Cheers for that.

    I'm not been told either way whether it is contained or not yet. I have had two biopsies (second G7 4 + 3 no idea how many cores involved - they never told me) and and MRI and am still waiting on the result of the latter. Due next week.

    I want to get that out of the way and know where I am because my hindbrain is giving me hell at the moment. I am having involuntary panic attacks / spikes nearly every day atm. I think it is directly related because according to my wearable, it's only in the last month it has all one bananas. I've just started on happy pills but they take time to kick in.

    You are right. I need to take time. The main issue I face apart from trying to be a rock for my family is getting a new contract / permie job in the middle of all this. I think I will struggle until this is cleared up. Luckily, discrimination laws here prevent overt discrimination but can never cover covert discrimination.

    I'm in this for a long haul. It is crystallizing my priorities, mind you. My health and my family's welfare above all else.



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    The facts


    The MRI should give you a good indication if the cancer is contained within the prostate.   Get all the testing you need to help you make your decision.   There are only about three major treatment options so look at all of them and with the advice of your family decide.  If you have all the info the decision will come easier.

    Dave 3+4

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    Yup, that is the plan. As I

    Yup, that is the plan. As I said earlier in a post when I was flapping, "hard facts, next steps, eye on the goal".

    Most likely I will end up with Da Vinci as that seems to be the thing my hospital specialises in and I'm more in the RP then SRT/SHT camp than the reverse (scary how quick you pick up the lingo!)

    It's hard to keep focus though when you keep wondering if HR Giger has snuck into your innards to do a refurbishment :)


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    Take time and study

    tello.  I have a post listed elsewhere here that you may find interesting as to one person's thought process.  As mentioned by the very asture members Swing and Cleveland Guy above you have time to study and research.  In my particular case after two biopsy opinions and a 3T MRI in conjunction with calculations for my prostate size, density, PSA velocity and current PSA level I and the (several) doctors I conferred with all felt comfortable with a non immediate treatment but also active survellance as not an option, which I agree with.  I hesitate to get on here and say too much to people as I have not had my treatment yet but will commence the Cyberknife process in early July.  Whatever decision you make will be right for you but by all means research all options available to you not just what appeaers to be in your hospital's wheelhouse.  I ended up at four hospitals and 5 doctors before I felt done.  Best of luck.       

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    To Da Vinci or not Da Vinci

    Cheers for the feedback, folks...

    Been doing some more digging on Da Vinci which seems to be the preferred surgical option at my local hospital.

    I've seen some negative press about Infinity around cost effectiveness, success rates, law suits and commercial pressure to use the machine.

    I don't give a monkeys cuss about whether big business makes big bucks or not out od this but I do care about outcome.

    So... from what I have seen so far, is it either:

    A) Whatever the method, the best outcome depends on the best surgeon not the method?


    B) Da Vinci is better/worse or safer/less safe than traditional laporoscop or open surgery?