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i am a new silent member of this group. My husband ,37 yr old ,got diagnosed with RCC just a day after we got to know that we r expecting our third baby. Fast forward he has his open radical nephrectomy on 11th of April and they removed his left kidney . We received his pathology report which says

clear cell carcinoma , 135mmin max dimension, grade -2, invading renal sinus fat (microscopic) clear of margins, associated with lymphovascular space invasion and perineural invasion ( microscopic)


Sarcomatoid differentiation : not identified 

Rhabdoid differentiation :  not identified 

Necrosis : not identified 

we have our appointment with the urologist on 1st of June . I try my best to remain calm but it's really difficult.i just can't share my fears with him . Please share your thoughts on his report 




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I amnot sure you will see much thoughts on the pathology report. I know with 3 young ones you are worried, but don't let your fears overcome you. I had cryo done, which did not take, so now am having an open partial nepshrectomy on June 9th. It's easy to let our fears take over, but I encourage you to focus thhose on your young ones and your husband. And by all means talk with your husband. While I seemed calm and collect to my wife and friends (her words), she said she did not realize how stunned/uptight/nervous I was until we talked. That helped her understand and describe to friends my emotions. Will keep oyu all in my prayers!

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Thanks a lot. He is quite strong mentally , I will try to act on your advice , will not let my fears overcome me ! Thanks 

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Welcome Moon, glad you found us! It is typical to be anxious with all that is still unknown to you. But let me tell you, I have known folks with RCC totally filling the kidney, who are still here 20 years later. No matter what, your hubby will be monitored closely.

I know it is hard to wait, but please do not use up precious energy worrying about what you don't even know is reality. I wish you and your family HOPE and RELIEF !! It is amazing how those even with stage IV are surviving.

We'll be here for you all the way if you want us to be.

Sending you calm, healing energy with a hugs dose of HOPE!

Hugs, Jan

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Thanks Jan. It means a lot .

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Was that 135 mm or 13.5 mm?  It does make a difference.  That said, you can use the internet to gain information of definitions- Blood Work, CBC or CMP, Staging scales, etc.  Just make sure it is a legitimate site such ACS, Kidney Cancer Assoc., etc.  If they are trying to sell you somethin in their pop-up ads, get off the site.

And remember that by the time some things hit the internet as "generic" news, it's way out of date.

Hopefully, most participants on this site have filled out a "user info" page.  To find them, just click on the poster's user name on the discussion board, such as mine.  You can find out the size of my initial tumor, the mets, and subsequent surgeries, or any meds, and how long ago this all happened....as in years as a survivor.

Stress mentally can not be good for you or the baby.  Take care of yourself.  If you don't have family close by, find a fill-in; church, a club your or spouse are involved with, work, etc.  Find out if there is a "live" cancer support group meeting in conjunction with your Dr., hospital, or clinic.

All best wished to you and family.



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13.5 cm , thankfullyI have a very supportive family , my mother is here with me now . i have read your info many a times from the day I joined this group. I know deep inside everything will be fine , he is doing great but sometimes this anxiety is killing me . 

Thanks a lot for your kind words . Thanks again! 



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Hello Moon,

I know myself that it is impossible not to worry... 

Grade 2 is good, not aggressive. Stage 3a- we have several members here with same stage, they are healthy years      after surgery.

Remember to take care about yourself and your little one. Urologist will request a vigilant follow-up, so your husband will be monitored closely and taken care of, if problems appear.



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