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Afinitor and Lenvema

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I am a chromophobe who has been on the combination of Afinitor and Lenvema since August - so far pretty positive results with few to no side effects.  Anyone else on this treatment???  Just curious...

Posts: 58
Joined: Mar 2012

Still on the combo - 17 months - good results so far!


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That's fantastic!

I am on my first session of 5mg Afinitor and 18mg of lenvima daily. I haven't  had my first set of scans on this treatment yet. I've heard that there's a 14 month average run without progression, but my RCC has been pretty aggressive so I'm not sure what to expect. Your 17 months is pretty encouraging.

What dosage(s) are you taking?

Side effects?

Please keep me up to date!

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