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my dear mother has lung cancer that for the last two years seemed to be relatively contained but since her last radiotherapy treatment she now has growth in the primary tumour in her right lung, growth in the nodes of her left lung, they have now found spots in her liver, several across her lungs, its in the lymph nodes in her neck, I'm pretty sure it's now in the nodes in her armpit as she is complaining of pain there and another tumour in her basal ganglia, she didn't really like taking cannabis oil so didn't have a steady amount in her all the time but obviously now she wants to fight it and is taking it, I'm trying to get mistletoe for her also, has anyone ever been in this situation and honestly treated it successfully with cbd oil and mistletoe? Any and all alternative treatments welcome as there nothing more doctors can do for her. 


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    Suzanne Summers Book

    She is very knowledgable on options and has pubished several books on cancer.  Just google her books.  Hope this may give you some information to help you.