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Update - Continued Good News regarding Reoccurrence

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Hi Ladies:

  Just wanted to let all of you Ladies know that my CA 125 level is now down to 26 which is within the "NORMAL" range.  I am really very happy about this number as it is Normal finally after several months of the level being elevated. Also, I had an ultrasound done last week and there is a small amount of fluid about the same amount I had back the end of January so this is still good news.  This has been a scary process for me each and every month going through blood tests to find out if I will need to have chemo or not and since December the number has been falling each month which I am very grateful for. I was diagnosed with a reoccurrence in October of 2016.  A pet scan found the cancer in my pelvic area and spleen which was very small at that point. My oncologist does want me to have another Pet Scan done in the fall.

  I have an appt to see my oncologist this Wed., the 10th of May and I will find out where I go from here. His assistant did mention to me that at some point I will have to go back and see him every 3 months, and I will find out when this will be, but for now, I am so glad I am finally down to a normal range for the CA level and that I do not need chemo for now.

  I will continue to keep you ladies updated. But for now, I can enjoy the time I have with my family and friends.


a/k/a Jane

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Thanks for the update and the GOOD news! I'm so happy for you. B

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Jane, I am so happy for your good news.  Thank you for checking in and letting us know. 

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Great News Jane! Thanks for letting us know. Enjoy your family time and wake up happy every day. :-)

Love and Hugs,


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So happy for your good news! Prayers that it continues!

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Thanks for sharing this!  I'm so happy that your numbers continue to be good and that you are enjoying life.

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Great news!  

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Thank you for the update!  It's good to know things are going in the right direction.  I too have my 3rd checkup since finishing frontline on the 10th!  I'll think of you and you can think of me- we'll get through it- never much fun that's for sure!!  I will also be picturing the comments from the socks/underwear thread here- it should give me quite a chuckle as I do all the things we talked about... lol   (((HUGS))) for all

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Jane, that is great news - congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing this and good luck on your appointment this Wednesday. Kim

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