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New CRC therapies? Anti-PDL1 immunotherapy or CAR-T cell therapies?

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Newbie here. My friend was just diagnosed with Stage IV CRC, spread to abdomen, lymph nodes, liver, couple of spots on the lungs and one spot on the bone.  Adenocarcinoma NRAS Q61R mutation.  Female, age 47. We are trying to learn about novel therapies to treat this. 

Does anyone have experience with:

1. Anti-PDL1 immunotherapy. Seems to target NRAS Q61R for Melanoma (skin cancer). Might it work for NRAS Q61R colorectal cancer too?
2. CAR-T cell therapies. Work for blood cancer. Might it work for CRC too?
3. An Anti PD L1 approach
4. If we do find an experimental trial, any advice on better ways to get into it?
Any help appreciated, on the above or any other advice. As you can imagine, this will be difficult, but we will fight and beat this.
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