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UPSC - Avastin for maintenance program despite some CA markers?

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Ladies, I hope you're keeping well. Mum (stage iv recurrence of UPSC) will complete her 6th cycle of Taxol, Carboplatin, Avastin soon. Her CA-125 was normal but her last CA19-9 reading was 1700 (having reduced from 2800). She has some neuropathy kicking in, though it improves by third week after chemo.

Onco is suggesting she stops chemo after Cycle 6 and goes on to Avastin for maintenance, despite the chemo seeming to work, and even if the CA 19-9 markers have not reduced to normal range. Any thoughts? Appreciate any experience you might be able to share. Anyone on Avastin alone? Efficacy / Side effects?

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Interested to follow this as I too will be starting Avastin with chemo on May 11.

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Lou Ann M
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i was on Avastin for a short time.  It was my genomic match and it did work as everything was shrinking.  Only had two though, because I ended up with a rare side effect. A heart attack.

Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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I am almost finished with with 8 rounds of Doxol and Avastin.  My midpoint PETScan showed great progress.  Really good news, after my frontline (Taxotere and Carboplatin) was ineffect and there was distant metastasis.  After Round 8 and the results of my next scan, my gym/once talked about maintenance every three weeks with Avastin.  Also interested to hear what others have experienced.

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I was on Avastin for over a year.  No side effects and my CA125 got down to 7, but I became resistant after that and developed a nodule on my liver almost as soon as I went off it.  UPSC seems to become resistant to most things after some period of time. Good Luck!

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I don't disagree with your thought, daylady.  I have a UPSC friend who's Avastin seemed to work but her numbers are on the rise now. 

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Appreciate the feedback. Just has the consult yesterday. They're taking mom off platinum chemo since it's no longer shrinking cancers based on PET comparions, though at best it could be still reducing metabolic activity of the cancers. They're putting her on Avastin maintenance and will monitor 6 weekly PET CT from there. Meantime, we're going to supplement her with TCM. 

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