And the beat goes on....

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It’s been referenced here more than once that cancer is like having a bad song stuck in your head.  As much as we try to think about other things and “forget” about the diagnosis, it’s always there.  That harmonic beat reminding you what you’ve been through and the possibility of what’s ahead.


I was fortunate that my cancer was found relatively early and I was staged at 1b.  Three month scans were clear back in November, but creeping around the corner are scans at the end of this month.  There’s that beat—can you hear it?  Oh wait, it’s just cancer anxiety trying to sneak back into my life. 




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    Stub, are you a poet? A

    Stub, are you a poet? A songwriter? Should be!

    Here for you, let me take some of your can go be FREE today!

    We only have the GIFT of TODAY!

    Hugs, Jan

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    I hear ya. We've only made it

    I hear ya. We've only made it to the 8 week post surgery mark and I'm already anxious about the future.

    I've never really hated anything in my life......I've disliked a lot.....but downright, loathing hate.....nah, not my style. However, I can't say that any longer.

    but like Jan says......I refuse to let it define our lives.

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