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A little hope, so needed with this diagnose!

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I wanted to post this because I know how much we need to find some hope when we hear the diagnose of stage IV stomach cancer. It's so hard to see the numbers. We just went to my husbands oncologist today, finally his CEA is in normal range. He just has a laparoscopy with peritoneal wash: no malignant cells founded. Endoscopy: no trace of primary tumor (macroscopic), no malignant cells (biopsies). Clear PET scan.  He was diagnosed last September (2016), at age 45, with stage IV gastric cancer (liver, retroperitoneal and mediastinal lymph nodes), CEA 790 and Ca125 in 1600.  He was treated with epirrubicib, oxaliplatin, 5FU (6 rounds) and  pembrolizumab, plus a really heavy complementary approach and diet. We don't know what the future have for us, but we are certainly positive and we're going to continue to fight this disease with all we have. So we wanted to write this for all that people like us, who really needs to find that piece of hope in those really difficult times. (Sorry my English!).


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Thank you for the positive words.  God bless you and your husband 


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