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Before Google

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Fifteen years ago this Spring I peed blood after doing some yard work. My GP sent me to a Urologist who after doing an exam ordered a CT scan which I didn't think anything of. My GP said I probably just broke a blood vessel. I didn't  ask and the Uro didn't offer any  opinions as to what it could be. I just thought it was a CYA procedure. It wasn't until several weeks after that I received a call from the Uro's office to schedule an appointment and those infamous words Kidney Cancer were blurted out and heard for the first time out of the blue. Dr Google was not available for a conversation or consultation . I was in shock and disbelief as I had really never heard of Kidney Cancer other than something that was a less popular form of Cancer that other people got Little did I know that one day I would open up and try to help those who were stunned and in shock like I once was. That was not on my to do list at the time.



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Bay Area Guy
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There was a time before Google?  Whodathunk?

Seriously, though, I know from where you speak.  Even with Google, the words "kidney cancer" or the softer words "renal cell carcinoma" hit you like a tone of bricks when you first hear or read them applied to your very own self.

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Personally, I prefer "RCC." It's sort of like the secret sign or handshake.  But -- yeah -- "cancer" and "carcinoma" are words that really only applied to other folks... Until they didn't: AIEEE!

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Glad that is all in the past.. xo

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 to not have Google at all and more than that, not to have this network!  As Angec said; glad that it's all in the past for you.  And glad that there is CSN and you to great the newbies and walk often thru the virtual corridors of this site to check on us all!   Salut Iceman!

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Personally i think it would be even more devastating if there was no Dr.google at the time i was diagnosed. Having no information seems harder than having out dated info.

Very glad to know it's all in the past for you

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Can't agree more, it seems like we will never get enough info from our own doctor :)

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Ice--I was one of those "stunned" newbies back in August.  You were one of the first to reach out and settle my fears.  You probably don't hear this enough, but you are one very special person on this site.  Thank you for all you do here.  If your "To Do" list looks anything like mine with scratched out items and new items added, then you'll understand when I say these lists are not meant to be unchanged.  I'm so glad you added us to your new list.

Continued blessings to you!


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