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Help please

Cmcq31 Member Posts: 3

Apr 26, 2017 - 8:47 am

Hi guys so went to doc this week and there was blood in my urine

so I've just had bloods and ultra sound done this week waiting on results from doctor tomorrow 

so Ive had for the past 2 years

4-5 pees per night

lower back pain (constant)

feel like I'm constantly needing to pee when lying on my right side

stomach pressure

weak flow of urine and constantly feeling like I need to pee after I have been

so I got the cd of my results today. My gf is a kidney and heart nurse and had a look at them


we noticed I had an enlarged prostate 40 41 41 39

and noticed I had 4 kidney stones also 6mm 5.6mm 5.5mm4.2 mm


just waiting on my psa results tomorrow I'm so worried



  • icemantoo
    icemantoo Member Posts: 3,358 **
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    I hope you do not have to join us



    My first thought is that your question and diagnosis belongs on the Prostrate board. I see you have already posted there. In order to rule out Kidney Cancer they need a CT of your Kidney which is unclear if you had. If not you should have one based upon Urine in the blood.




  • APny
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    The pain could be from the

    The pain could be from the kidney stones. Ditto for the frequent urge to urinate. Or perhaps your enlarged prostate is pressing on your bladder? I've no idea about anatomy and medicine but it seems plausable. I assume the US was also for the kidney since you peed blood. Hopefully you won't need these boards but if you do, we're all here for you.