Back in Hospital

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Went back for scans and they showed bile duct redction and blood work showed high elevations of liver and pancrease enzymes.  That was the bad news, good news is no new cancer in lungs and embolized liver tumors are still blacked out.

They admitted me on Tuesday, had stent put in to open bile duct ad proceded to get acute pancreatitis.  Also had a nast rash around crothch and thighs.  Stopped for suten for awhile, fluids, antibiotics, Fungus medication, on and on and on. 

Finally got out after six days and so happy I am home in my own bed.  Still have gas in colon which is causing pain.  Have to watch what I eat.  Going back for a colonnoscopy and then regular scans in 10-12 weeks.

Geez, disease is at bay and I feel worse from complications of procedures.  This blows.




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    No kidding it blows. But the

    No kidding it blows. But the good thing is no new mets in lungs and you're home now. Hopefully the painful gas issue resolves itself quickly and you start feeling better. All the best with the scans!

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    and recover. Glad it's over.

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    Enjoy your bed...

    If they could only find a way to make hospital beds as comfy as ours at home, we'd all sure feel and get a lot better a lot faster. So glad to hear you're back home.  Get the most out of your taking-it-easy time. All the best --