Surgery tomorrow

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so the time has finally come...tomorrow is my turn to get this 3.6 cm alien out of my body. I'm not scared, just a bit anxious is all. It's amazing how many scenarios of what is going to happen can run through your mind. You try not to dwell on the bad ones but they seem to be the ones that always pop up. I find that I just have to stay focused on being positive and strong. I just want to say how much you guys have helped me get through this waiting period and I know you will be there for the next step in my journey...thanks...and I wish everyone in here good health


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    May the force be wit you.




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    Greg, just look at it as the

    Greg, just look at it as the fact that you will pretty much be cured by tomorrow, should be excited instead!

    P.s. Please spend sometime to share your story by clicking "My CSN Space" link on the left menu. That way, other members will know you better and be able to answer questions you have.

    best wishes,


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    Good luck Greg.

    I hope your experience is as easy as mine was.

    See you on the other side


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    sit back

    behave, do what you are told. Appreciate your caregivers expertise. You're home free.

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    Best wishes for a completely

    Best wishes for a completely boring procedure and a fast and complete recovery.

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    Best wishes and speedy

    Best wishes and speedy recovery!

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    Best wishes

    Best wishes you will be up and around before you know it


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    Go get em Greg. Keep us

    Go get em Greg. Keep us posted. 

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    Those feeling are very common...especially going into a major surgery.  Try to relax and trust the professionals that are taking care of you.  Before you know this will be a thing of the past.  Keep us posted.


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    Good vibes being sent

    You got this in the bag! After tomorrow you are on your way to recovery and no more cancer! Prayers for an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery. 

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    Wishing you an uneventful

    Wishing you an uneventful surgery and speedy recovery and lots of TLC!!!

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    Best Wishes

    That's a relatively small tumor.

    This should be a cake walk.

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    Abunai said:

    Best Wishes

    That's a relatively small tumor.

    This should be a cake walk.

    At a cake walk...

    At a cake walk, you have an opportunity to get a cake.  I'm pretty sure in the hospital, it's mainly jello, luke-warm broth, and weak tea -- but at least you don't have to dress up.

    But definitely -- the surgery should be pretty easy going (which is not to say you won't need / want the pain medication afterwards)!

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    Prayers sent

    Prayer is the answer to whatever is going on.  I have prayed for you and all well be good.   God is the answer.  Spend time walking and trust Jesus and all will be fine.  You will find peace.   I am a little over 2 weeks out and all is well.