Possible Basal Cell Carcinoma??

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Round, Raised bump with index finger for scaleI just noticed in the mirror when I got home from work a bad looking place on my neck. It looks like a raised, shiny  bump or irritated hair follicle. I live in TN and sweat a lot. I probably noticed it first a month or so ago thinking it was the same thing, only smaller and never looked like any concern. It only looked bad today. I tried to pop it, but couldnt, which made me think it was potentially a cancer. What do you all think? Thanks for the replies and any help could be appreciated. I'm going to try to make an appointment tomorrow and see if I can get it removed this weekend at my local doctor's office if they have room. I'm new here, a 26 yo male with a photo below if anyone would like or could offer thoughts.


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    Update? This could've been

    Update? This could've been several things, including conditions that would've quickly cleared up without help. However, I received my first BCC diagnosis when I was younger than you. It's best to check.