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Chemo Regimen R-ICE

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how long did it take for your platelets to start holding on their own? And how long did it take for your white count to get to normal range after your first cycle of R-ICE?

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I had 3 cycles of RICE I was in the hospital for about 3.5 days each time.  For each one The day after I went home I had to go to my local Onc for the Rituxan part. 

So after the first cycle when I went for the Rituxan all counts wer just under the lower level. About a week later they were low. White count & platlets were good just before the next cycle. Red count & hemoglobin were still low. Same pattern for the 2nd and 3rd cycles. 

It has been 18 months since I finished RICE and my counts are still just below normal levels.


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