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Another question

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heres another question....anyone else go into the kidney surgery also having an umbilical hernia? If so....did they do anything about it as long as they were invading your insides, or did you have to wait and get that repaired later.  The closer I get to surgery the more things are floating through my mind

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I suggest you ask the surgeons.  My guess is that they won't do anything unless you ask them.

My mother had a benign growth removed from her kidney in the 1980s. The surgeon removed her appendix while he was there. He aso added that to the bill.

I had a mild umbilical hernia before my nephrectomy which seems much better now. But I had a midline cut that closely skirted my navel.


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Thanks Steve....ill see what he says...lol...you mean they actually charged extra? (Sarcasm)

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Yeah who knew they would charge extra for anything when they gotta be in there anyway Lol

we're getting so many bills from so many directions I told my wife the other day the lady in the gift shop could send us a bill and we'd never know the difference.


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