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just wondering if anyone else in here was heavy into working out, I.e. Lifting weights and cardio...mostly treadmill. Curious to know how long before you were able to get back into it. I am going in for surgery (davinci robotics) on wed to remove a 3.6 cm tumor....they are hoping for partial, but because of location may have to remove entire kidney. I know the protein drinks are done....curious of any other changes to be made. Thanks....Greg


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    Slowly at first



    You are having major abdominal surgery. At 3.6 cm your outlook looks great. Take a few weeks to rest after surgery and don't push your body to do too much too soon. At age 59 it took me almost 11 months to get back on water skis.



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    Thank you Ice...just trying

    Thank you Ice...just trying to get an idea of how long it might take....I'm 58 and have been lifting for about 30 years...of course not as heavy as when I was a youngster lol

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    I had assumed



    I had assumed with the fitness question you were a bit younger. Since you are going into this at 58 (I was 59 by a week) the surgery is a little tougher the older uou are. You probably shouln't do anything too strenous those first few months.



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    I was actually training for my first fitness competition when I found out I had a 2.8cm cancerous tumor in my right kidney. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks post surgery for me and I plan on going back to the gym week 5, so one more week. I highly doubt I will be lifting as heavy as I was, but who knows. I will let you know in a week how it goes for me. I have missed lifting so much these past 4 weeks, can't wait to get back at it!

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    I know the feeling ambava..

    I know the feeling ambava...already thinking of how much I'm gonna miss not being in the gym....let me know how it goes

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    Hi Greg

    When my tumor was found I was training for a 1/2 marathon.  I also was lifting weights on my off days of running.  I've always tried to eat right and exercise regularly.  When I had my  partial at the end of August last year my doctor told me to give it six weeks before I do any strenuous training.  Right to the day I laced up my shoes and started running again.  I ran every day that first week--not too long just a couple miles at a time each day at about an 8:30 mile pace.  Well, by the weekend I had a sharp pain in my abdomen on the same side as my kidney surgery.  It went away a couple days later, but I learned a lesson....Take it slow.  I'm now back to training as I did prior to surgery.  I have a couple halfs planned this summer and a full this fall.  Good luck to you.


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    My wife and I both have been

    My wife and I both have been members of a Crossfit gym for about 1 1/2 years now and were heavy into the workouts which can be really intense and tough. When she was diagnosed in Feb she slowed down and has not attended any classes since surgery on March 8. She does however plan to return next week which will put her just over the 6 week mark and that was by Dr.s order. 

    She has been walking of course and some light duty on a rowing machine and over all feels really great. In fact, we acted like we were back in our 20s last night and went to see Tom Petty in concert and stayed out til 1 a.m. Hahaha.....I would say consult with your Doc and your body and just ease yourself back into it at your own pace. I know how you feel tho. I'm still hitting it 4 or 5 times a week and it's the one thing that has kept me sane thru all this is to hit the gym and blow off some steam.

    good luck and well wishes to you.

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    I was 58

    Been running for 30 years. Averaged 20 miles/week. Weight trained since a young teen. I was still doing both 3 to 5 days a week. At 50 I had decided to push a bit with the goal, "To be in the best shape of my life when I died." (little did I know...). I remember thinking I should have been feeling better but my results were less than the effort I put in. In any event my baseline fitness was good. After open nephrectomy I was golfing , running,and weight training, (and riding my harley) all within about a month. But I wasn't pushing myself. It was all within my comfort level. I also had much experience rehabing people of all levels as both a physical therapist and athletic trainer.

    I have since tried to discourage others from trying to return to normal too quickly. The risk is not worth the reward. Denial of what just happened is normal. But it must be respected. I suggest that you picture your functional goals a full year away. Then it really is insignificant if you take 4 weeks or 10 weeks in your recovery. Go slow! Make no regrettable mistakes. The physiological and neurological changes cannot be forced. The body is in self preservation mode. It is fine to go through the training routines from a zero baseline starting point. It can re-open inhibitory reflexes. It allows the body to refamiliarize itself with what "was" normal. No compensatory adjustments allow re-establishing what is percieved as normal neuro developemental sensory and motor patterns. The key is to have it all part of a lifestyle. An active person will almost always do well if time and patience are applied. If high activity is not the norm for someone, the body will resist even slowing recovery. In other words, be careful and pay close attention to what your body allows you to do. Then build upon it.

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    I went back on the treadmill

    I went back on the treadmill six weeks after surgery but worked up to former speed slowly and gradually.

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    Thanks foxhd .......great

    Thanks foxhd .......great advise....I do tend to push hard with what I do so I will try and make myself go slow

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    Thank you boondock glad to

    Thank you boondock glad to hear things are going well....this site is fantastic for those of us unfortunate to have to be here

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    Take it Slowly Greg

    I was 61 wben I had my Da Vinci nephrectomy and was a regular easy jogger, about 11 mins. per mile. I didn’t have any unusual post-surgery problems, but I allowed myself to recover slowly. I limited myself to walking until after my six-week follow-up with my surgeon. Once he said all was well, I gently restored my aerobic capacity by doing thirty-minute walk/runs, starting at running 1 minute out of ten and working up to all running over the course of several weeks. The following year, I did a four-day rim-to-rim hike across the Grand Canyon, carrying a 25-pound pack. Give yourself time to get back to feeling like yourself again.

     Good luck.


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    Hey Greg.  Like you, I'm a

    Hey Greg.  Like you, I'm a gym rat.  Lots of treadmill and slightly less weightlifting.  I had similar surgery to yours.....1.8cm lesion using da Vinci back in June, 2016.  I stayed out of the gym until my first return doctor's visit, which was roughly a month after the surgery.  During the interim, I walked a lot.  I was probably up to about 8 miles a day (two one hour walks) by the time I had my visit.  He cleared me for the gym, including weights, but I took it very, very slowly, particularly with the weights.  For the treadmill, I started at the same speed I had been walking outdoors and gradually added speed and/or time each day, but only to the point where I felt comfortable.  For weights, I started at about 1/3 of the amount I used to set the various machines at.  It probably took me a month or two to get back to the same weight level I was using before the operation.

    My advice, take it slow and easy.  The gym will still be there for you.

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    I was 36 and had open radical

    I was 36 and had open radical surgery to remove a 10 cm tomur along with kidney and adrenal gland. It took me almost three weeks to walk freely without any pain or aches. On week four i could walk quite normally for hours but didn't come back to gym for months, I was just walkig or jogging before  coming back to gymm seven months later.

    Wishing you successful uneventful surgery