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It's that time again

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I had my labs and chest x-ray today and will have my CT Wednesday. as per usual, I am so scared! Scanxiety is more like scanterrified! It feels even worse than usual in light of the recent posts about stage 1 cancers that have spread and the recent losses. 

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As a scanner and scanee you know the odds are with you for a clear scan with such a small tumor.




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Thanks Iceman! I know the odds but my brain is running away with the what ifs. It's still so fresh and new, even a year out, I'm sure it will get a little easier.

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Sending good thoughts your way. I understand being scared about the recent stage one reoccurences.  I get it totally. Scared me too.  Is this your one year scan? Wishing you all the best.


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Yep! I had a scan in June, October, April, then we go to one year I believe. 

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I had mine Ultrasound and X-ray a few weeks ago, worry pretty much everyday reading the stage 1 recurrences. But all the research papers I read stating tumor under 3cm rarely met or recur for the low risk tumors. Hope this makes you feel better.


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I hope that's true! Scary nonetheless!

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You get used to it after a while, it will be easier for you to pass it. You'restage one and the odds are with you. Take a deep breath and get ready for a party after receiving NED news


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Hi Kat-

My first scan (1 year for 1.3 chromophobe stage 1) is in July.  Im already freaking about it.  I know that statistically speaking the odds are in my favor, but I have gotten used to not thinking about it.  Prayers to you that your scans are clear.



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Wishing you uneventully boring results for your checkup. I totally get what you're saying. All the recent bad news have me pretty freaked out too and am already anxious about my October follow up tests. It'll be 3 1/2 years since surgery. Hopefully you'll send Uncled Ned on his way after he stops by you!

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I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday.

My first post op scans are in June. I guess I won't properly understand scanxiety until then.

Do you get scanned at your own workplace?


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I'll be especially thinking about you between now and Scanday. 

I used to sit and fold origami when I needed to chill. I'll bet you could make some really neat flowers and animals out of that brightly colored stretchy tape. 

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I'll be thinking of you on Wednesday, Kat. 


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Yep. You got this Kat.......Big hugs from us. 

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you'll do well. Why do you think it is called a "Kat" scan?

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Thanks Foxy, I needed a laugh!!

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Kat feel for you! Do you think you are more anxious because of your work? That you know more than we do about scans?

What I do is be vigilent and aware of my health. (I have several medical conditions to monitor).

BUT I stick with what I call, "the gift of today!"

Next, I use my intellect to counter my emotional side. Yet I do not deny my emotions or fears.

Then ultimately I move to my faith and ask for help or support if I cannot do it by myself.

Serenity (Prayer)

(God) Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

the Courage to change the things I can.

And the WISDOM to know the difference.

I believe in guidance beyond the human level and quiet myself to listen to that inner voice.

Sending you calmness, healing and HOPE!



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Kat, whish you luck!  my husband had his scans recently, and I went nuts from worry. Oldtimers say it gets better with time :-)

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