7MM nodule found. Need Advice

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Last year I had a low dose CT lung cancer screening for preventative measures and all was ok. Now it has been one year and yesterday I was told that I have a 7mm nodule on my lower left lobe and was advised to have a re-check in six months. If it is growing this fast shouldn't something be done sooner? My mom passed away from lung cancer two years ago. I quit smoking last year. I'm very afraid and not sure I want to wait it out for six months. Can anyone give me some suggestions on whether I should wait or press the issue to have something more done about this? I cannot see being scared to death for the next six months! I am 58 years old and had smoked for like 35 years. I really need some advice.


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    Pay for one/2nd opinioin/ask your dr?
    Can you afford to pay for one yourself sooner to ease your fears?
    What about a 2nd opinion?
    Have you talked to your dr about your concerns?
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    I a.m.

    I a.m.


    I suggest a pet scans to see if you have any lymph nodes that are positive. Other then  that so long as it's negative I would follow the advice. Brock  calculator puts your odds of cancer at around 3%. So don't worry too much.


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    Way too small to do a fine needle biopsy. 

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    I would definitely get a

    I would definitely get a second opinion. My nodule was 9mm and they removed it right away..upper left Lobectomy. It was cancer and thank god they caught it in the very early stages.

    Good luck to you and god bless you.