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Need To Hear Your Experience on Abdominal Pain

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Hi, this is Brad. I am a new member and have only commented a few times but I am an avid reader of the forum. Well I need any input/knowledge you may have to prepare for Dr visit, so can you suggest any questions/commnets I should take with me.

i had a laparoscopic left radical nephrectomy on Feb 20, 2017. All went well and the nearly 8cm tumor was removed along with my kidney and it was encapsulated I think was the term the dr used. Anyway, recovery has gone well and I feel great Except for a sharp and maybe burning sensation or pain I get near my incision scar which runs from above my navel down about 6 inches. The sensation is short lived and noticeable when I bend over to pick up something or when I twist or turn my waist quickly. I do not have the sensation at other times, or at least it is not noticeable. 

Finally the sensation is on the right side of my incision not the left side where the kidney was removed. 

Any experience or knowledge with this?

thanks in advance for your input. It is very reassuring to know I am not alone on my journey.



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During surgey all of your orgns were moved around and some nerves were cut. Aches and pains 2 months out are common. That being said your doctor is much better able to assess your current pain by giving him as good a history and description of it as you can.




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Thanks for insight. I know I am probably overly concerned but hearing from experience helps calm the nerves. I will post update once I get in to the Dr.

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Burning sensation could be from the cut nerves recovering, from what I've heard.

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That's what I am hoping Dr will say. If that's it, no problem. Thanks for sharing

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It probably wasn't that long ago that lifting OR twisting was painful, right? Now you're at the lifting AND twisting is painful stage. 

When your body gives you midsection pain doing something like this, it's most likely it's saying, "What the $#&% are you doing?! We just had our surgery, remember, and I'm healing as &#%¢ fast as I can!" Unless your body has better manners than mine, in which case it's saying, "Ouch. Careful, careful!" Same thing. 

Oh, and I hope you're remembering to lift properly. Use your core for stability, lift with your legs, hold whatever it is you're lifting close to your center of gravity. 

I had my surgery in December. Last week, I picked up my guitar in its hardshell case (the old-timey kind that's wood) and my midsection said, "WHOA!" because the angle I'd grabbed it was a bit wonky. So, keep paying attention to your body (Not a bad idea any time). 

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I am careful whenever I lift, this is not that type of "pain" but still great reminder for me, thanks.

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Speak  with your Dr although it's likely from surgery 

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