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Well, up until I was 50 years old, I had never had surgery in my life. Now I'm scheduled, May 4th, for my third major surgery in 7 months.

I had a radical nephrectomy in September of last year, a laminectomy in October to debulk a spinal tumor and give me back control of the lower half of my body, now I need major hip surgery.

My left femur and pelvic bone have been so eroded by bone mets that they are in danger of fracturing and destroying my pelvic bone (and possibly punching my femur through to my spine). The erosion in the pelvis is righ on top of the "socket" dome that makes up the ball and socket joint of the hip. The erosion of the femur is a little below the "ball", and goes a subtantial way through the entire bone.

The plan is to cut me open, move my sciatic nerve out of the way, freeze the tumors to death, debulk them (scrape them out of the bone), fill in the voids with a type of cement, put several lengths of "rebar" through the pelvis and several through the femur and it's supposed to leave my bones stronger than before.

Despite the fact that the surgery sounds absolutely cringe-worthy, I like the fact that they'll be freezing those **** tumors to death. Why can't they just do that with all of them?

Anyway, hopefully the recovery will go well and go quickly and I'll be hobbling around again in no time.



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    It sounds complicated...

    There's an understatement! I hope it goes according to plan.

    It does sound cringe-worthy too. If they video the operation, please don't send me a copy!


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    i'm pulling

    for you brother.

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    {{{{ Abunai  }}}}

    {{{{ Abunai  }}}}


    WOWZER, go get em, or get er done!

    We're here for you buddy... all the way!

    Sending you healing vibes and a very gentle hug,


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    That does make you cringe.  I'm continually amazed at the advances of modern medicine.  I'm sure you are in good hands with your surgeon and his/her team.  Good luck and take care.


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     I like the idea that they're

     I like the idea that they're freezing the little $#@% to death too. All the best to you and may it all go smoothly.

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    Filling in the voids...

    With a type of cement sounds amazing, as does the whole surgery process. As long as they don't use Bondo (or if they do, it's people-grade Bondo). 

    All the best - keep us posted!

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    Well, my first procedure is done. It's a bit uncomfortable afterward but interesting to be awake through most of it. They actually entered the arteries on the right side of my body and followed them up and around to embolize the arteries leading to the tumors in my left hip.

    The main surgery happens tomorrow. The insurance is currently balking at approving payment for the "cryogenic tumor ablation" because they view that as "experimental" in RCC cases. I hope they work it out before tomorrow.

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    May the force be with you



    Keep the spirts up.




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    Thinking about you

    Abunai.  Wishing everything goes well.

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    Praying for you

    I pray that God guides the doctor's hands and that there are no financial concerns.

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    Thinking about you

    Wishing you a quick recovery


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    Good luck

    Good luck bro 

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    Post Op

    Right before I went to bed the night before the surgery, BCBS called and told me the entire surgery had been approved.


    Surgery took six hours. I needed two units of blood and my blood pressure is still pretty low, but I'm still here, minus two bone Mets!

    Thanks for the prayers and good wishes, everyone. I really do appreciate it.

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    Make all your rehab productive. Remember to move "pretty." You're one tough dude.

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    Coolness man!

    That's great news! Praying for a quick recovery without complications.

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    WHEW.. glad this complicated

    WHEW.. glad this complicated surgery is behind you. I hope you recover in best way!

    Know that I am here for you, sending you healing thoughts and sending you HOPE!

    Gentle hugs,


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    That's good! It has been a

    That's good! It has been a long wait for you, wish you a speedy recovery!

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    Best news I've heard all day!

    Best news I've heard all day!!! Now on to recovery and beyond.

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    Been thinking about you a lot!

    Been thinking about you a lot!!  So glad that this is behind you.  Here's to a fast  recovery!!

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    Great news that it's all

    Great news that it's all behind you. Speedy recovery!