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What can I do while waiting for 2nd TUR?

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Hi there, new to the forum. Just being diagnosed with High Grade T1/2. I am 46 and looks like I was brought down by my bad habits when I was young.  

I had a TUR in early April and the biopsy was not conclusive, so I will need to wait for another month before taking another re-section. The waiting just adds to my anxiety.

Since I noticed blood in my urine back in November 2016,  I went to my family doctor first and was treated as an infection. Only when the blood came back, I was referred to a Urologist whom I had to wait for another month for the appointment and then followed with CT scan and finally got Cystoscopy in mid-March 2017. And then TUR in early April.  

Just wonder whether all those delays in appointments/treatments make the tumor spreading faster, maybe a Stage I becoming a Stage II now? What can I do to help my body while waiting for another TUR?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!  CLTYXX.



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