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HD IL2 started with my husband

hpaterniti Member Posts: 1

This past week my husband went in to receive is first round of HD IL2.  There were to be 14 possible dosages........unfortunately, he was only to receive 4 out of the 14.  He is very disappointed and I am trying to be positive.  This has been a difficult weekend for the both of us because I really do not know what to say or do to help him.  We are both (not saying it) afraid that he will not be able to take more than another 4 doses in the next 2 weeks.  He is off this week and will be going back on the 24th.

They had to stop IL2 because of his blood pressure, which went down to 74/46.......they gave him 3 buloses to try to get his pressure up, which worked the 1st time, but the 2nd time it did not work, so they had to give him a pressor in order to increase his blood pressure.  The first pressor, did not work as well as they wanted; it actually made his heart rate go down to 43, so they switched over to Dopamine, which worked.  The only problem was he had to have the Dopamine for 24 hours. When he was weaned off of the Dopamine, his blood pressure stayed well :)

I am hoping he is able to receive more doses, but I am so scared his body will not be able to tolerate it.  I am truly scared...........can anyone give any confidence with their experiences?  I would really appreciate it :)  I know there really is no "magic" number of doses in order to respond to the IL2 and I know everyone is different and will react differently.  I am just SO SCARED about all of this.

Thank you :)


  • foxhd
    foxhd Member Posts: 3,181
    my tolerance

    decreased each session. Smilow gives il-2 twice a day for 5 days, week off, repeat. Then same routine if 6 week scans are good. Each week I tolerated il-2 less and less. I did something like 8 or 9 doses, then 6 or 8, then 5 or 6 and lastly only 2 or 3. Now if you read this carefully you will see I am not certain about accuracy. As difficult as it was, it seems like a long time ago. I have forgotten. So just do what you can. That is all you can do. If it isn't successful, oh well, thankfully there are more treatments to try. It is so easy to be scared. Not easy being tough. Don't judge yourself. It's only one unlikely shot at a cure. Other new treatments are much easier.

  • Jan4you
    Jan4you Member Posts: 1,327
    I am so sorry for all you and

    I am so sorry for all you and your hubby are going through, enuff! I cannot help with your treatment questions, but feel for you. Remember, our emotions are not right nor wrong. But what we DO about them is ours to learn. Will be here for you both!

    Also try Smartpatients.com and keep asking. Have you done a search on CSN about this treatment?

    This too shall change.. still.. here for you in the struggle~

    Hugs to you and your hubby,