refractory DLBCL involving liver

Anyone here had refractory DLBCL invoking the liver With liver lesions?  What treatment and outcome?


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    All cancers are classified and assessed by their point of ORIGIN.  Lymphoma in the liver (or any organ) is still just lymphoma, albeit in a secondary organ, and therefore Stage IV. But in almost all cases, Stage IV lymphoma is not a lot harder to treat than earlier stages, just a bit more application (more cycles) is required.

    My guess is that your DTDG in the liver will be no harder to treat than any advanced case of DTDG.  The chemo drugs involved will be whatever is ordinarily used for Stage III or IV disease; I apoloogize for not have memorized what is the norm with that strain.


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    Liver lesions

    When  I was first diagnosed with stage IV DLBCL I had not only a nickel (which grew quickly) size lesion in my left breast, but numerous lesions on my liver.  To many to count as they said.  R-chop took care of all of them.  I did relapse with the DLBCL, but never again was my liver involved.