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Post Op follow up

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Well we go to our Post op follow up with the surgeon who did my wife's partial robotic today. Yesterday was 5 weeks. I'm assuming that he will release her to resume normal activities and go over the Path report ( which we've already had a physician look at it) but I want to hear his take on it to confirm the good news and release us back to our regular urologist for routine monitoring.

Since then she has returned to work and on Tuesday started easing herself back into our Crossfit workouts. I'm really proud of her for the progress she has made and in the last week or so the exhaustion has dwindled significantly.

is there anything in general that any of you wanted to ask on Post Op but didn't? I have a big list of questions but I want to make sure I have all bases covered.

wish us luck and best wishes to all.


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I'm sure you have these covered, but I'd want to know about frequecy of follow-up scans.  I'd certainly advocate for 6 month CT scans for a couple years then tail off to 1 per year for some time.  I know Iceman has said he still gets scans annually and he is 15 years out from surgery.  These other two are part of your pathology, but you may want to have follow-up questions on them: First, the grade of the cancer (1--4), which will tell you the agressiveness.  Second, clear or positive margins. 

Take care and good luck.


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Insist on it, not just the abdomen but chest also.  I was stage one then 5 years later it popped up in both lungs, had it cut out of the lungs relatively fast and am ned again. I was having a chest and abdomen ct every year.Good luck

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Yep Stub we got those on our list for sure.

In the initial consult he told us that we will be turned back over to our regular urologist for the routine scans and I'm sure that if we ask for 6 mo. Scans he will order it. 

The Path report read

Histologic type: clear cell RCC


Hitologic grade: G3

margins: uninvolved for carcinoma

microscopic extent: limited to kidney

Sarcomotoid features: none identified 

Rhabdoid features: none identified 

Microscopic tumor extension: limited to kidney

Lymphovascular invasion: Not identified 

Tumor necrosis: none identified 

i plan to go right down the list and ask for a detailed explanation of each in laymans terms so I can fully understand.

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Glad she is doing well.   Prayers lifted for you all.  

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Just got back. Everything looked good. Still got 2 more weeks until she can resume "normal activities" but we'll take it.

with it being a grade III it was a more aggressive form but stage 1 it was caught early and his words were "Percentages are high on having a great long term outcome".

He did give us papers to give to our regular urologist and wanted us to see him in 3 months to get a plan in place for routine scans.

We are just glad that nasty sucker is out and in some bio-hazard abyss now.

thanks again everyone for all the support.

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Sending our red buckets (since kidney mass blobs are red bucket "biohazard" material) to be dumped in the Lake of Fire would probably be too good for them. Whatever, wherever, that abyss is, I'm in favor of it.

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I'm with ya J-Grrl.....I like that. "Red bucket Abyss". From now on, I'm wishing everyones unwanted additions to their kidneys end up there.

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