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Enzymes work better than black salve - They worked for me.

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I joined because people should share information.

I am NOT posting pictures. Just take my word for it.

I had a basal cell skin cancer on the hard inside disk of my ear, blow the top rim, for months. I had some proteolytic enzymes (protein eating/splitting enzymes) as a health supplement called Neprinol. You could try another brand if you think I represent that company, which I do not. Neprinol has the strongest enzymes on the market, which is why I  Purchased them, and it comes in power in a capsule and has many different types of enzymes and no nasty fillers, and it worked for me. I am not sure which particular enzyme did the job - maybe all of them.

I emptied the capsule and made it into a sticky brown wet paste, not runny, not dry, using distilled water, keeping everything clean. Distilled water is probably not necessary, I just had some.

I put a big glob on the cancer and surrounding area. It only ate the cancer cells. It went hard after a while and some of it seemed to fuse with the cancer, like it was part of the skin, and after a couple of days it started to fall off, leaving a clean raw fleshy area about half of a centimeter in diameter, an irregular shape, where the enzymes only ate the cancer and not the healthy skin at all. So I applied some more just to make sure it ate all the cancer, then it came off after a few days, leaving an open raw crater in the skin where the cancer had been, and the whole thing was - COMPLETELY PAINLESS. It did not hurt "at all" for me, only if I touched the raw bit as with any open wound. I kept it clean and it healed into a small scar that nobody can notice, and the cancer has not grown back in over one year. 

I am NOT saying it will be the answer for you, but if you are putting that highly caustic black salve on your skin, which has eaten away peoples faces apparently, I would give enzymes a try because the enzymes only ate the cancer, not the good cells at all, and it only took a couple of days of NO pain and it was gone.  It's one of those things where you wonder why nobody else is talking about it. I am hoping I am not some unique case.  If you are going to do it, then put some on a test patch of skin perhaps, to see if it eats the good skin, which I don't think is possible. Skin cancers are deeper and wider than they look from the outside, mine was, so be careful or don't do it if it's in an area where it could eat away the cancer making a big hole.

Mine was a small cancer, quarter of a centimeter diameter from the outside, and half a centimeter underneath.

I am NOT telling anyone to do it, I am just saying what I did and what happened.  Neprinol enzymes don't eat the healthy cells in normal people, so it has to be better than black salve and it works allot faster. 

Hope it helps someone like it did me.

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about 1996 someone gave me some black salve, someone I trusted whose husband had used it on a mole that was disgnosed as melanoma.  It removed the mole and when he went to MD Anderson and they tested him (5 of his siblings have died from various cancers) they said he had dead cancer cells.  Anyway, I was told that black salve did not harm healthy moles and having lots of moles I put it on 4 of them.  It did nothing in three areas but one small flesh colored irregularly shaped mole near my arm pit had a strong reaction.  I was told to put the salve on and leave it for three days and then put a drawing salve on for three days, which I did for the active site.  It hurt like being branded and stunk.  When I removed the bandage following the drawing salve application it pulled out 5 small plugs of dark scabs and puss that left scars.  I was scared to go to a doctor but wondered why that happened .  A couple of years later a friend whose sister had breast cancer was researching information on the internet and I saw a formation of sentry lymph glands exactly where my scars were.  This year I used black salve again and will be going to a doctor soon to discuss and follow up with his assessment of what my latest home experiment was, this time was was a better and more informed experience and probably will have no scarring by the way things look.  I'll be posting  comments after my visit if this is allowed to be on this board.  The only effects I have heard negative from those who have used the black salve is pain, scarring, and have read concerns about possibly not getting all of it.  It seems like these things occur with all cancer treaments though. I hope this is something that can help at least one person find an alternative to treatments that are  very harsh to the liver and other organs.  I have lost too many friends to the poisoning that may occur with chemo, but know others may find success in that course of action. 

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