Fighting Anxiety. My brother was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer with 15 lesions on the brain

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Hello Everyone,

I am so grateful for this site. I have been reading through the threads and I am very encouraged. My brother had a severe bout with pneumonia where they discovered that he had cancer in both of his lungs and pneumonia. He has been healthy all of his life, but when he was in the Navy he smoked cigarettes and then Black and Mild cigars. Since we just received this diagnosis on 4-3-17, I am new to all of this. They started radiation today, but I truly want to go the natural route, but it is not my choice. We are firm believers in God, and trust in him faithfully. But I have to admit I am working on my anxiety and lack of appetite. I definitely don't want my brother to see me like that as he only needs positivity and faith through this. I am going to contact Cancer Treatment Centers of America for a second opinion currently he is at Emory in GA. I am researching and learning everything I can about this disease and I am appreciative for any and all support. I would love to hear any stories of survival from Lung Cancer that has spread to the brain. I really could use some encouragement and I would love to share that him as well. Thank you all we are in this fight together and I will update his progress. I have high hopes that he will be healed and I am praying for everyone that is going through this.



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    I am sorry about your brother's diagnosis. What type of lung cancer does he have? My husband has stage 3b squamous non small cell. After radiation and chemo - major doses, he was pronounced NED no evidence of disease Dec 2014 and has been doing pretty good since then. Yes his lungs are permanently damaged of course and there are a few things we run into that remindus of the lung cancer. We just are thankful for each day we have and live, love and laugh.


    If you have any questions specifically, I can try to answer. Either way, I wish him and your family all the best. Take care of each other. Teamwork is the way to do this!


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    Continue your faith in God

    I am glad to hear that you and your family are true believers of God. Just continue your faith and don't stop praying. As for your anxiety. Please take care of yourself as well. You need to be strong and healthy for your brother. He will withdraw strength and faith from you and your family.

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    brother's lc

    What type lung cancer does your brother have? There is no natural cure for cancer and when in chemo it is vital that he NOT eat or drink any vitamin or herb without doctor's approval due to possible interaction. 

    CTCA have good tv ads but don't offer anything the other major centers don't.