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I can report Uncle NED's visit to my husband today! Abdominal ultrasound - all clear. Chest x-ray was done in December 2016 (due to suspicion of pneumonia), also clear. We are very-very lucky.

I am relieved, however, it is not an overwhelming joy as it usually is. Guess it is because of Mark and Footstomper. Almost feel ashamed of reporting NED after their wives have lost them. It is not a "survivor's guilt", no. I am not a survivor myself, and of course I would wish the easiest path and eternal NED for my husband.

I just wish we all could  have NEDs or stability...





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    Great news :)

    So happy for your family 



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    Deo gratias!

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    Congrats on the report.  Love

    Congrats on the report.  Love hearing good news.

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    Love good news.  

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    Glad for NED

    So happy for your spouse.  And I understand the feeling of the survivor's guilt. ( just mis-typed and had us in a Guild)  But I guess that is also correct, because we have served our apprenticeships, right?

    Be glad!


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    Good News


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    So happy

    Another reason to celebrate!!


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    Momentum changer

    Keep bringing good news. We need the lift.

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    This is wonderful news.  I agree with Fox--we needed it!


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    Thank goodness

    That's great news. Thanks for bringing it.

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    Thanks for sharing with us!

    Thanks for sharing with us! Glad for you and your hubby!!! WOW~

    One day we ALL will be NED~


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    Hi Allochka

    That's good to hear. May your family of NEDs continue to grow forever.


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    NED is good news for all


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    Well done

    Keep them coming. Good luck.

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    So happy for you both,

    So happy for you both, Allochka. And yes, good news are always welcome.

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    Thank you all so much!

    Thank you all so much!


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    Great news...!

    So glad to hear your news. Hope Uncle Ned appreciated your hospitality!

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    Very happy to hear good news

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Having heard good news like

    Having heard good news like yours are the main reasons which have helped me to come back to almost normal me. I believe all survived ones should proudly post their reports. These posts help others to remain positive. I'm sure Dijinee, footstomper, Mark, Nanosecond would have loved your post if they saw it. Wishing your​ husband many more healthy years to come

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    Congratulations on your

    Congratulations on your husband's NED report! We need good news like this!



    P.S. Kisses to Alice!