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New here.. Had biopsy about 3 months ago. pain wont go away..

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Had prostate biopsy about two months ago. While having the biopsy I felt a real sharp pain in my penis on the 3rd to the last needle..  (stongly)Mentioned it to the Urologist at the time he said some times there is pain.. Well it hasn't gone away.. (I ended up with a Gleason 3+4..) I am doing radiation now #22 of 40..  And the pain is at a level 8 with pain in my anus/ prostate and penis sometimes not all at the same time..  So a couple of questions here..  For the people that had Radiation did you experince pain in those areas.. And people that had  needle biopsys Had any one had pain side effect afterwards if so whay did they diagnose... I went back to the Urologist about 3 weeks after and before radiation and he gave me pills oxy something to reduce frequency feeling ( Actually some times the flow would be restricted so I never took them..)   This is not fun... The oncology doc did blood test and urine test to see if there was a infection. Test came back fine..  It feels like the needle broke off in there..  Mind you I had no symtoms before the Biopsy PSA went from 2.3  6 mos prior up to 4.9 a year ago it was 4.1  that is why the did the biopsy...    So far taking ibprofon. not doing diddly.. it is hard to leave the house...

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I'm no expert on this, but I do remember in my bouts with prostatitis, I always had UTI symptoms, even though the infection was in the prostate. And it would burn like holy hell when I urinated. Couple that with the enlargement of the prostate making it difficult to get any stream going and it was a cocktail of misery. There is some strange connection between trauma to the prostate and the urethra that I don't understand... Your urethra can be perfectly healthy, but trauma to the prostate causes severe burning sensations in the urethra. There is about an inch or two of urethra that the prostate surrounds, but the pain I experienced was near the head. Maybe someone on here can give a technical explanation of how the prostate and urethra are nerve linked, but I can't. And yes my biopsy was painful, the first half not so bad, but the later pokes felt like bee stings. And I had to have a Foley inserted the next day, one of many many catheters, including some self catheterizations, and when your urethra is inflamed anyway, having a catheter inserted is another crap sandwich.

I have learned this... There is a big difference between urologists. I have been to six different urologists over my prostate experience, and there is a wide gap between experience, knowledge, and empathy for the patient. Some I followed their advice religiously, others I "escaped" because I could tell they were unconcerned and were treating me like a commodity or cash cow. I had one advantage, my GP was a good compassionate Christian woman, and if I felt uncomfortable with a urologist, she would refer me to a different clinic and urologist. In the end, I am light years beyond the misery I suffered from prostate issues now.

BUT I don't know anything about radiation since I had RP surgery. But there are other guys here that can tell you a lot about it once they see your post. Hang in there.

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I am thinking of switching my urologist. I went with him because he had lots of experience 

And a great pedigree.. He went to the top schools , was a professor of urology at Yale and is now the director of a urology department at a well respected ivy league university. But then he tried to get me to use the radiology department at his practice.. which my insurance co pay would be 100.00 a visit knowing that my insurance going though the radioloy department at RI hospital would pay for it in full.. He is affiliated with RI hospital.. that sent a red flag.. I am a billable dollar to him not a patient.. i have other docs for heart issues that give me follow up calls to see if what they proscribed was working for me.. not this guy.. maybe I am spoiled.. 

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My lay opinion focus on an hematoma in a perforated nerve (?). The effect can be felt along the regional nerve network. Some feel pain and some just a tingle sensation. This can exist when large diameters needles perforate nerves (like in biopsies).
Somehow the bundle surrounding the prostate gland interferes with the nerves running down to the legs so that the sensation of such damage can be felt in the legs too.

Several guys here have reported sensations and pain from biopsies. My experience resumes to a strange tingle/itching sensation on my left leg, after radical prostatectomy. This decreased over the time but it lasted two years. My urologist told me that this is typical in RP, some experience in the left leg others on the right.

An MRI may identify if hematoma is the case. You can request the radiologist to check on that in his recorded MRI image (used for RT isodose planning) or when he takes the next image (typically done at the beginning of each field of attack to verify gland's positioning).

Best wishes for complete success in your PCa treatment.


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